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Sunday School
Sharing Life Together
Deacon Family Flocks
Other Discipleship Opportunities
At Thorn Grove, we stress the importance of growing in faith and sharing life together. This is why everyone is encouraged to be actively involved in our small group ministries.
Everyone at TGBC is assigned a deacon and placed into a family flock. Family flocks meet at various times throughout the year for fellowship and prayer. We have a great group of deacons here at TGBC who are ready to get to know you, encourage you in your walk with Christ, and serve you as needs arise.
A Sunday School class is a small community of believers who gather each week to share life together. Each member is committed to the following:

L= Loving one another (prayer and concern)

I= Involved in community (ministry and service)

F= Focusing on the Word of God (teaching)

E= Engaging the world with the gospel (missions)
Thorn Grove offers Bible study and prayer on Sunday evenings and Wednesday nights. We also provide discipleship opportunities for preschool, children, and youth through our Next Generation Ministries.